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Integral in Link Building and Effective Online Marketing

Integral in Link Building and Effective Online Marketing:


(A Review and Result)

We all know that blog commenting is one of the strategies each site owner should do. Why? Simply because by doing such we could build links to outside sources that would somehow boost the popularity of our site. Plus of course the principle of adding traffics to our site. And that would be sales or bucks in return.

I am one of the neophytes here in this kind of world. I just started building my site as a beginner in this field. Of course I'd resort myself in doing things that more likely to make my site popular and of course make it a site that is functional. I do blog commenting manually, as in searching for blogs over search engines like yahoo and Google. Its laborious of course, it seemed that there is really about billions of blog sites over the world wide web. And plus labor again, the manual creation of hyperlinks that really busts my head because of mistakes and complicated tags.

Blog commenting and hyperlinks are one of those I hate doing not until I was introduced by a friend to use COMMENT KAHUNA and HYPERLINK MAKER. Comment Kahuna is a tool that tracks blogging sites or blogs that you want to see and that is related to your the software will provide you numerous relevant data which you could productively post comment on. It is more easy than manually finding blog related sites. Another SEO software tool that tends to be significant is the Hyperlink Maker. No more manual typing of hyperlinks that is real prone to mistakes and might mislead the site rather than directing it to your site. Hyperlink Maker will be the one to formulate the link, build the likn, and it is easy for you to copy and paste. Of course plus factor is that it is really free form human errors. Thus, you'll be pretty sure that the link's direction is to your site or intended site.

How does it work?


With the use of this kind of software, you could be able to find different blogs using several management systems or platforms like of those Wordpress,, LiveJournal, Typepad, and the others. Why is it said to be convenient? For the reason that you need not to find such blogs on search engines like Google but instead you just simply have to enter your desired keyword, of course related to your site, and it is now the job of Comment Kahuna to track down relevant blogs that you intend to have. You could observe, as what I did notice, that the URL of each blogs in the result of the search contains the keyword you have keyed in.

For every search, as to my experience, you could easily find several blog results that you could productively post your comment on and broaden your linkages. By using the Comment Kahuna you could also track down blogs according to the desired PR (Page Rank) of the blog you wanted. Easy is it not? You just have to simply go to each blog result, browse over it and make an informative or helpful comment and gain backlink for free. As fast as you want it, surely using such kind of startegy will make you gain dozens of quality backlinks to your site, and probably increase your PR. (I hope my site will gain such.) :)

One good thing about Comment Kahuna is that it has the ability choose blogs with “No Follow” tag. And of course the most useful feature is that it has the capability to create profile and store what you have searched. You could save all those projects you have undergone and wished to make and take a break and then work again with same project u had. That's quite interesting right?

As they attest saying:

“I’ve been using this tool for a short while and find that it is very useful when trying to find good blogs to post on. You do however have to add good content in your comments otherwise you will not be added to the site. “ JOHNNY BRISTAU

“I’ve tested the program and it seems to be a winner. Even though it still seems to be beta and needs more testing.” OLIVER ANTOSCH

Easy tracking for free? Comment Kahuna is the key!


As mentioned above blog commenting is important to gain backlinks, but as important as this is the direction of the link towards your site. That is the essence of hyperlink. When you write or post a comment on other blogs and of course we all intend to put a link on that. Doing it manually will make us commit mistakes of missing an “ or instead of writing http we accidentally wrote htpp or make some other simple but detrimental mistake that would trash all the hardwork you have exerted.

I am one of those people who have experienced that certain kind of situation. And hyperlink maker is just the solution to such. You need not to manually do the hyperlinking and commit mistake and trash it all. With the help of this kind of software, you just have to enter the target site and the anchor text then click “build link” and the software will generate the hyperlink that you could use and post everywhere you want to.

As they testify:

“I always read your emails because they contain "useful" information.This little piece of software is the best thing since sliced bread!!! Ilove it. I always make mistakes typing hyperlinks...... No more, thanks to your simple little software..... I love it!!!” - JOHN B.

“ Everyone can use this - it's very handy. A "convenience tool" and for anyone who has made a hyperlink where you're trying to anchor some text in there, and it didn't work - whether it's because you didn't know how or you made a typo - this solves those problems! GREAT in Squidoo lenses (use it in Text modules, Poll modules,etc.) but you can use it on your blogs and other sites,too!” -TIFFANY DOW

Easy! Definitely! This one works as fast and free from errors!

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It is now your chance to make your work easy and free from all errors. By the use of these software you will be able to assure yourself that what you are doing is right and is not a total waste. By using Comment Kahuna you will be able broaden your horizon and gain backlinks for free. Mind of course the the advantage it will cause you. PR that is. And by using the hyperlink you will get assured that the link is directing to your site and not to errors.

I believe that by the use of all these, you will not be having hardships in marketing whatever you want to market and build linkages anywhere in the world.

Build and push further!

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Article: Marketing on the Internet

In this era of modernism, the conventional type of advertising on television, radio, or print ads is not that sufficient anymore. Companies have considered having an e-marketing or marketing on the internet which is said to be an advantage over competitors, for most of the buyers search the web for options of the same product. Thus, companies who embarked on marketing on the internet would likely sell their product easier that those who have not.

When you are to make a poster that entails “A Concert for the Kids” and post it, that is advertising. When you let a vehicle roam around the city with posters on it, that is promotion. When that vehicle with posters on it bumps another car, that would become publicity. When after that you appear on different media entity explaining all that happened, that is public relations. And when the city's people attend the concert, that is basically sales. This is more likely what marketing on the internet entails: to advertise, promote, make the public know, explain it to the public, and making profit out of it.

As stressed that “the Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing including low costs in distributing information and media to a global audience. The interactive nature of Internet marketing, both in terms of instant response and in eliciting response, are unique qualities of the medium.” This is a manifestation of the relevance of marketing on the internet. Low cost but with global audience, very much unique from marketing over the radio, on TV, and prints. Marketing on the internet have closely become a great or the most effective tool for gaining profit and selling products.

Marketing on the internet methods and strategies covers and exceeds a wide range of services that surely provides buyers and prospective buyers an effective way to satisfy ones need and want.

The internet provides a lot more of ideas about marketing on the internet that would help you gain knowledge and advantage over something.

Aim high, be wise, search now!

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Internet Marketing: Web Advertising

If you are looking for a tool to help you understand the rationale of web advertising, this one will really work for you. Nowadays, Internet Marketing has become one of the important tools in acquiring certain information.

When we purchase something, we first look into the Internet and read more about the certain product before we actually purchase it. Internet marketing has undeniably reached its peak of promoting and making the public know the products through web advertising. Advertising nowadays have evolve from the conventional print ads, to television and radio, and now the latest trend in the industry of internet marketing: web advertising.

The reason of internet marketing: web advertising is the growing number of people go and checks possible things to purchase on line. For the reason that wherever one advertises its product, regardless of that, the very sure next move of the buyer or the prospective consumer is to actually log on the internet and research for that something they want to have. And internet marketing: web advertising have marked a probable answer to each customers query. It has become the source of information of a certain product one wants to have.

Why in the world of internet marketing, web advertising is important? These days, before someone decides to purchase something, he/she go on the internet to check several options and be informed about the thing he/she desires to purchase. If someone wants to buy a personal computer, he/she will not really rush into the stores and shop. No, not todays' consumers, most of them will spend time on the internet to look for some options and different informations about the PC, and the manufacturers of such. After they have done such, then and there they'll decide where and what to buy. This is the key significance of internet marketing: web advertising. Reaching the prospective customers or market that would really make profit.

The internet have several internet marketing: web advertising strategies that you'll surely learn from.

Search now! Be creative and effective!

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If you are in search of a good marketing strategy and does not know how to locate all these, this must be a great one for you. In this contemporary milieu of technological innovation, business entities have adapted a certain kind of approach in selling their products: the e-Marketing. What is e-Marketing? And what is the role of e-Marketing?

E-Marketing is an strategy that is responsible in creating, promoting, pricing goods and services and even distributing a certain kind of product to a prospective consumer/customer through the use of the Internet. The role of e-marketing is to help in relating the product to their customers and prospective consumers in a convenient way. Just a simple click in surfing the Internet would give you what you want and need.

Advertisements aired on television and radio of course are not that detailed and complete. Ads on television and radio sometimes fail to explain further about the product that leads to customers' frustration. The role of e-Marketing is to provide relevant data on a particular product that would support the call-to-action of a certain television or radio ad. TV and radio has limited airtime whereas Internet have unlimited access.

As of today, it is said that “EITHER WAYS LEAD TO THE INTERNET.” When a certain person hears something on radio, or if someone have seen something on television, he/she would likely surf the Internet for more information and qualitative details about that certain product being advertised. The conventional search of reading and flipping through magazines has been obsolete today and somehow entails a lot of work. The easy way of course is through surfing the Internet. That is the key role of e-marketing, making it known to the public and providing more important details of a certain product to help them in their purchasing-decision-process.

The Internet also provides you several e-Marketing techniques that would enable you to know the advantage of a product using the e-Marketing strategy and the role of e-Marketing in the business arena.

Knowing the role of e-Marketing would surely make you a top-grosser. So search on, learn, and succeed!

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