Sunday, March 22, 2009


“There are positive, wonderful friendships that are mutually beneficial to both friends that should last a lifetime. But there are other friendships that are negative, destructive, or unhealthy that should end.”

This article is a “tribute”. YES! A tribute of DISGUST!

At this very point of time, I definitely feel disappointed. So disappointed! Why? Because someone BETRAYED me…

I have this “friend” whom I thought a real one. I treated her well, accepted her as who she is, and considered her not anyone like a stranger (of course, friendship is said to be there). Supported her with her dreams and I was one of the few people who celebrated every bit of her success. I could say that I may not be someone perfect, but for a certain point of time; I became her friend, good at that.

But the goodness of such friendship is now part of the old tale. Definitely, part of HISTORY! She betrayed me by trying to pull me out on a certain position I’m in. And yes nagtagumpay po siya. That certain position I have was taken from me because of her opinion and malicious intervention. Sad to know that someone like her, whom you considered a friend, will betray you in times you never expected to happen.


Kahit po nawala ako sa ganung position, hindi po nawala ang pagkatao ko. If we’ll try to assess, I HAVE NOT LOST ANYTHING, not even a bit of something. At sayo “kaibigan”, nalulungkot ako na sa lahat lahat ng tao, ikaw pa ang gumawa nun. Nakakalungkot isipin na kaya mong ipgkaluho ang pagkakaibigan natin.and by that, I really disgust your being!

I want to give you a SLAP of TRUTH by saying YOU CHANGED A LOT. But instead of changing to become someone better, you changed to someone undesirable! So undesirable na nagawa mo pang traydurin ako. Tsk tsk tsk..

Pero ngpapasalamat pa rin ako. Because at least I was able to know who you are and how bullshit you have become. Wag mo masyadong taasan ang tingin mo sa sarili mo kasi kahit ni minsan hindi ka naging mataas. We may say that you became someone better in your chosen career, you may be one good communicator, BUT I wish you concentrate on how to become a better person.

Matanggap ko pa siguro kung ibang tao na hindi close ang gumawa sa akin nun. Pero ang hindi katanggap-tangap is ikaw pa talaga. But one thing for sure, hindi ko gagawin sayo yun. I know how mean I am, and I know your emotional capacity to endure pain, so hindi ko gagawin sayo yun. Si “karma” na ang bahala sayo. Good for good karma, bad for bad karma

I have forgiven you I should say, but to forget what you have done is definitely not part of the story.

This is the most hilarious article na gnawa ko para sa hilarious na tao na unfortunately naging parte ng buhay ko. I’m sorry if it sounds a li’l offensive pero mas offensive po ang gnawa mo sa akin.

TO END THIS, I’ll leave you with this:

Huwag ka maxadong maniwala na nakatungtong ka sa kalabaw. At wag ka maxadong sipsip kasi walang naidudulot na maganda yan sayo. And please STOP CALLING ME KUYA! You’re not my sister. At hindi rin kita kaano-ano. One lat false move, you’ll definitely meet the greatest enemy you’ll ever have. Good luck!

NOTE: To those who will be able to read this, humihingi po ako ng paumanhin.

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