Monday, February 16, 2009

Mindanao Times Published My Article! :D

YEY! I'm so happy... hehehe though late ko na nalaman na na-publish pala article ko, okay lang... hehehehe

I submitted the said article last Feb. 06, 2009, and was published by Mindanao Times on Feb. 07, 2009. Ngayon lang ako na inform when S. Maria Corazon Agda RVM, Dean of College of UIC told me that she have read what I've written. I was surprised with what S. Cora said. Then I texted Ms. Amy to confirm and she replied "Yeah. It's published."

I was a li'l bit sad because I haven't secured a copy of the said issue, so I texted Ms. Amy if I can visit the office and get a copy of the Feb 07 issue and she replied with a "no problem, punta ka sa office"

And now, may copy na ako... hehehehehe

So happy, hope to write more and publish more... heheheehe

I can't find the link of my article via Mindanao Times website... hehehe

But I have a link here with my multiply and wordpress so that you also could read it... hehehe



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