Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Strange World

(Realizations of a once-in-a-while KID)

It has been said that in every stage in our life, we face a different world wherein the sum of our valuable learning will be applied. Every phase of our life entails a story that only us could make and only us could master to narrate. Every experience is a history that somehow would teach us on how to handle different situations. Thus, something strike into my mind saying that in every stage, every phase, every experience, it creates a total strange world for us to enter and battle with.

My childhood days is over. The cup of ice cream with a lollipop is no longer a thing for me. Those robots are no longer used but rather displayed. Matchboxes and different toy cars doesn't seem to matter hitherto. But it implies something that somehow molded me: that even if those stuffs do not matter as how it mattered before, the history will tell a story of what and who I was, and what I have become and who I am at this very moment.

I grew up with an orientation that concerns the world of politics. No wonder that the goal sculpted in my mind is to become one of those people combating just to be seated, just to be called Congressman, Senator, Mayor, and be labeled Honorable. But as I started to internalize, think, and ponder on things, I saw something different, something not-so-good, something immoral, something not acceptable.

Before I viewed politics as a ground for true and genuine personalities to offer their selves to be with the people in solving economic problems and ensuring good life for all its respondents. But the time I was able to meet Mr. “politics” I was devastated. Much to my disappointment that this world of politics is an arena of killers and public traitors (of course not all, but almost all). They combat for greed, fame, money, and the rest of its evilness rather than for what they have promised “to be a public servant.” Serving for the purpose of personal interest is a total contradiction to what is expected from a person who is said to be a public servant.

I've known politics in a different desired manner. But I've met it in its real and present scenario, and to tell you, its better to eat a slimy worm than eat politics. Its poisonous! I don't know why people who are said to be the servant of all are blinded with the spark of gold, tempted with pork barrels, fascinated with corruption. Disappointing. So devastating.

For how many times, I told myself not to talk about politics, not to write about politics, and not caring at all. But it's a difficult thing for me to do. Why? For a simple reason that I just can't sit and do nothing, say nothing, express nothing, and care nothing. When you do nothing, what's the use of being a living thing? A rational human being? A responsible citizen? A Filipino! We have to speak for us to be heard. We have to act for us to see motion. We have to move for them to realize that we are not blind with certain things that are happening. It's more than a responsibility, it's adherence to the sense of patriotism: love for our co-citizen and for this country as a whole.

I am a youth, I am a dreamer, I am a visionary, and I am one of those who hopes and pray for this country to change! I may not know the real solution, but in my heart I know change is possible. One country with one vision will definitely take us to heights of sensation and greatness. Unity is what I'm trying to say. Unity is the key to fight corruption, unity is the a strength to win over poverty, unity is the answer to those who are in war, unity and only unity! Being united will draw us near to what we want to achieve and to what we want this country to be.

Let's be one. Let's be one! Let's be one in changing this society, this country, for the better and for what is right. Let this country be not strange but rather a desirable one. Let's make this country something we can be proud of, with a political system we can be grateful about.

God be with us!

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