Friday, June 13, 2008

Advertising's New Paradigm: Internet Marketing

Imagine how an advertiser puts all of his/her effort just to create a prefect and persuasive promotion of products and services in the market. Imagine how he/she put all his might on the project. By the time of implementation, a single mistake was encountered, imagine how painful it is, that is just one mistake, it shattered all the time spent and all the efforts of each of them. The world of advertising is a make or break opportunity, you sometimes hit the target, but with a single mistake you'll also meet your waterloo. Of course companies expect a lot from an advertiser, their product or service depends on how it is presented to the public. See how tough it goes? Moreover, the budget that goes along with the operation, very expensive, especially when done through print-ads and on television.

To advertise is said to inform, basically it means giving information to people who want to know more and to people you want to know about a certain product or service. But, advertising does not just merely inform, the strife of advertising doesn't really stop in just informing the public and something to that effect, it goes beyond just informing, it furthers to influence and persuade people to take action and patronized the said product or if not at least try and avail the said product or service being presented.

In this competitive world of marketing where new brands are existing new everyday, like a newly born baby, with just one item but of several brands. See the competition? So how does these companies or brands compete to sell? You see a refrigerator, but there are several of them, of course of different bands. How will a customer recognize first your brand and leave the rest of the brands behind? That is now the duty of the marketer or the advertiser, on how will the brand sink in to the mind of the prospective consumer. Now here goes advertising, with the persistence of innovation, advertising also developed its new strategy, online marketing, aside from paying ads through print media and television, they also indulge into the internet to market. Why? For the reason that a lot of people go online, the wider the reach the better the sales. Internet has been an unlimited source of information that the habit of every prospective consumer is to actually go online and look for further information about a certain product.

Now, simply informing the customer about a certain product or service is never enough. That is why internet marketing has been intensified to persuade and make known to the public that this is offered, that is existing, and the rest of its purposes. Advertising is an strategy that is intended for somebody (consumers), it is not just a mere announcement, its a persuasive approach towards the prospective audiences. And with regards to TV and Print it is somehow limited to a particular scale, and information of the said product is lesser because of high space cost and airtime cost.

As space costs high and airtime costs higher, marketers opt to deliver messages via the internet. And it pave the way to internet marketing that is today the greatest twist in the world of media. Internet marketing has been so powerful that is cost efficient. It have reached a lot of individuals and has been helping companies boost their sales and elevate their popularity.

Truly, internet marketing has been one of the new trends that keeps business going. Success of each business relies on its advertising, so advertise as precise as one could be.

Brand recognition is the key to sales. So advertise online now and be known!

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