Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Effective Outsourcing: Beneficial to Internet Marketing & Country's Economic Growth

Outsourcing is one great opportunity for online marketers, it could also be any other business entities, to expand and put-across their messages to reach their desired or prospective consumers/customers. This kind of strategy is advantageous to those online marketers but most especially to companies who is offering this kind of system. For everyone's knowledge, outsourcing is getting resources or human resources outside the company or probably outside the country where the company is based.

So think now, why should a company or a business entity choose or consider to have this kind -outsourcing- of tactic? The answer is quite obvious, they choose to outsource or to offshore and work with these outsourcing firms for the fact that it is cost efficient, in layman's term: CHEAP. A company who desires to expand and develop their products and services opt to seek cheap raw materials for the product that they are rendering, cost efficient human resource for the services they are rendering. Let us take for example the case of a web publishing entity or a internet marketing business, when you are to find a human resource to help you in creating and managing your website, writing relevant articles for your website, who and what will you choose? The ones who are far from you but offers cheap? Or the one that is near you but costs expensive? Think. Now we come up with an idea that YES, it is more efficient to outsource a writer in the Philippines or other Asian writers in a lesser cost than hiring a writer based on California or more other states. Plus the undeniable fact of course that Filipinos and other Asian writers are proficient in the English language compared to others. Filipinos and other Asian writers writes in such a way that is creative and worth the cost.

Moreover, one of the best impact of this business strategy is the giving of more job opportunities to countries, like the Philippines, who had a low employment rate. Through this, people from around the world who have the right talent for the job that the company is seeking get the chance of having a job for themselves. Thus, this creates an impact also in the economic aspect of the country. Also for manufacturing companies, they prefer to make a branch company in the place where they are getting their materials and because of that they have to build buildings and hire workers from that place. That will surely increase the employment rate of that particular country where the said company choose to outsource. So this is a phenomenon which is highly commendable, you benefit from what you have invested and you as well provide a living for those who needs job.

So for those companies who are contemplating to try outsourcing as a business strategy, study the advantages and disadvantages before embarking into it. Put in mind that you can save or gain more, a lot of money, when you choose and opt to employ outsourcing, but of course with the consideration of its quality service that is acceptable and commendable. And not only that, considering such is also considering the thought that you'll somehow contribute something in the corporate social marketing and you'll be in line with those big companies providing more job opportunities to places where there are scarcity of work in their citizens.

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